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A warranty can offer greater peace of mind.

We believe every Beazer homeowner deserves to be a proud Beazer homeowner. As you settle into your new space, be assured that your Beazer home was built with quality, craftsmanship and innovation in mind and that Beazer Homes has a reputation for building great homes. Beazer strives to provide exceptional customer service to ensure an outstanding experience for every homeowner from the time you first walk into our model homes until you’re years into enjoying your home. We have a dedicated Customer Care team to address any question you have related to your new Beazer home. They will take care of you every step of the way. PLACE A WARRANTY REQUEST
Beazer’s Standard Warranty Periods
Our new home limited warranty define the warranty periods provided for everything in a Beazer Home, both inside and out. Most construction items are covered for the full first year of home ownership. Certain systems in the home are covered for the first two years of home ownership, such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. In addition, the major structural components of the home are covered for ten years.
For additional detail or assistance view Coverage Limitations, reach out to our Customer Care team or view Home Maintenance Tips.

If you have a request for warranty service, fill out our warranty request form.

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The above language is a summary only and does not represent actual coverage. Please refer to the actual warranty document issued at the closing of your home for details on the warranty coverage provided.

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