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Making It Your Own

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Selecting options is one of the most fun and exciting steps in building your new home. We work with top manufacturers to provide the best choices in flooring, countertops, lighting, appliances and more. But don’t worry about feeling overwhelmed with options. Our experienced Beazer team will help you mix and match options to stay true to your design aesthetic, construction schedule and budget.
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Preparing to Select Your Options

Get the most out of your visit to the Beazer Design Studio. Before visiting, go through home magazines and find pictures with décor ideas you like. Pull fabric wallpaper samples to help you make color selections and find photographs of furniture, cabinets, countertops and flooring that appeal to you.
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Selections to Consider

At your appointment, you’ll consider options for the following selections to personalize your home: countertops, cabinets, flooring, lighting, plumbing fixtures, and more. You’ll enjoy exploring the many options available to you, which are tailored to your home’s location and construction phase at the time of purchase.

Get Started

Start your search of our homes online now and explore the communities Beazer offers in your area.

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Personalizing Your Beazer Home

Out-of-state buyers Mike and Tammy Poole share their experience working with the Beazer design team to personalize the finishes in their new home.
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Step 4: Construction